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Who We Are

I invite you to join me in a colorful world, filled with intensity, vividness, and purity. Colors bring us joy and happiness. They represent the motion of beauty and have the power of a good story infused with a psychological intensity and emotional realism. Art depicting an array of color is the way beauty reaches me, giving me a sense of purpose, motivation and a way to fearlessly express my creativity while establishing a bonding effect with the world around me. 

Through fashion, I am able to authentically contribute and share this passion with those willing to open their hearts and minds ultimately allowing for your inner colors to shine.

Like many visionaries, creators, innovators, I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazing and collaborative team that helps us cultivate, inspire and produce beautiful limited collections.

Over the years and with much reflection, I have discovered that my mission in life is giving.

The fashion brand KARENO was created from my heart to inspire you to appreciate the colors in your life. 


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