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Amadea Zuri Setian is a 13-year-old artist who resides in sunny California.

She began her career at the marvelous age of about 17 months! Amadea has kept painting with boundless joy and passion since then.

She delights in painting with acrylic, oil, watercolor and ink. 

Works that she created between the tender ages of 17 months and 4 years old were to partially illustrate a book that her mom published in 2015, called “Does God Have a Bicycle?” This charming children's story received many positive reviews on Amazon, with special praise for the cover and illustrations.

Amadea’s paintings have been accepted by art galleries since she was 10 years old.

Currently, Amadea’s art is being displayed in Maybourne Beverly Hills and L’Ermitage Beverly Hills.

“Kareno” luxury fashion brand has launched their collection by incorporating Amadea Zuri art patterns in their world class designs.

Her vibrant and vivacious paintings continue lighting up extra sparkles of love in the hearts of collectors and supporters of art.

Colors have been my obsession, they give me joy, colors speak all languages. I was fascinated by Amadea's art, by her ability to understand such a deep and mysterious language of color at such a young age. She speaks the language of dreams through her art, as Paul Gauguin would say. This is what inspired me to use her color patterns in my designs. Amadea's understanding of color uniformity and consitency is the very seed of our collaboration--Kamal

Gallerie Amsterdam-Carmel, CA

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